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Industrial & Commercial Drywall
Home Restoration & Renovation - New Home Construction

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Donik Corporation
and Sycamore Development LLC, our services range from industrial & commercial drywall and light gauge framing to new home construction and complete home restoration and renovation.  We are fully insured with over 27 years of experience. Donik Corporation possesses a Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisor License, we can pull any permit.  Donik Corporation also offers construction management services.


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Donik Corporation is a fully insured, drywall contractor with 27 years of experience.



Sycamore Development LLC specializes in whole house restoration/renovation projects.

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Sycamore Development LLC offers new construction management services.

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Sycamore Development

Sycamore Development LLC
is a subsidiary of Donik Corporation

Featured Property

Full House Restoration

208 Silver Lake Road
Hollis, NH

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Built in the 1790's the house is known as "The Patch House". We are bringing this grand farmhouse back to life with a full restoration of the existing home. Sycamore Development will also be adding a new addition with a breezeway and two stall garage; it will feature modern amenities with old world charm keeping the integrity of this 1790's gem.                           read more...

  Donik Corporation & Sycamore Development LLC  |  Dracut, MA  |  (978) 454-0700  |  Serving New Hampshire & Massachusetts

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